Fabio Rosi

Research fields: machine vision, industrial automation, robotics, measurement and quality control plant "in line".

In 1989, at the age of 24 years, takes the first steps in machine vision. At 26 is the designated inventor of the first patent on a laser cutting system controlled by a vision system.  .

At the same time, in 1990, works on the television audience system project known in Italy as Auditel and, from 1992 to 1994, he became head of software design that now, is now the best-selling surveys television package in the world.

Since 1992, he is a founding member of one of the first companies in Italy mainly deal in machine vision.

With twenty years of experience in the field of industrial automation and machine vision, has designed more than 200 automation plants for quality control, measurement, and assembly of products, and more than 700 artificial vision systems operating in various industrial and scientific fields.

In the field of scientific research has provided consulting and realized systems for JRC Ispra, CNR, CERN.


Giovanna Sansoni


Research fields: machine vision, 2D and 3D measurement systems, optical system, metrology.


She is Professor of Electrical and Electronic Measurements at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Brescia. Since 2001 she is responsible for the research activities of the Laboratory of Optoelectronics of the Department. The research areas in which she is an expert are 2D and 3D viewing systems of data collection, the process of reverse engineering with optical 3D sensors, the metrological characterization of optoelectronic instrumentation and development of optical systems for industrial automation and quality control.

She has over 170 publications in national and international press.

Successfully applies the machine vision in different fields such as cultural heritage, automotive, railway, documentation of the crime scene, forensic, maxillofacial surgery, robotics, and more.