Dimensional control of strips

Type of research

  • Provide a machine of dimensional control in real time of strips of copper or aluminum in output from the extruder at a speed of 3m / s.

Obtained results

  • Realized a structure which prevents oscillations and vibrations induced by the high speed of scrolling of the strip, being careful to not introduce mechanisms that can cause malformation to the strap itself. 
  • Adopted an artificial vision system with two cameras, one for each face of the strip, and a probe for the thickness.
  • Obtained a dimensional control of width and thickness with a resolution of hundredths.
  • Obtained a control of the fillet radius with decimal resolution.
  • Sizes of the strips: from 8mm to 25mm.
  • Trend analysis to monitor the status of the extruder and warn operators in case of drift.
  • Time of analysis and implementation of the project: 8 months.
Controllo piattine
Controllo piattine