Robotized cell for quality check

Type of research

  • We have realized a robotized cell for quality check, very flexible and with small sizes to allow to install it at the end of the productivity lines.
  • Special attention was given to the integration between the system components (machine vision, robot, automation) and all the devices can be used now in the easy way.
  • Another special requirement is that the cell can be configured by the customer to obtain the best performance by this machine, in an easy and intuitive way.

Obtained results

  • A small cell, sizes: 1000x700xH2000mm.
  • In the cell was installed a machine vision system with two cameras.
  • A camera is collocated over the input conveyor to perform the robot guide for the taken, a superficial control and an intrusion control.
  • Another camera performs a serie of quality checks of a lot of details, directly in the robot gripper; in this way, the robot orients the object in front of the camera quickly.
  • The robot gives total flexibility and reduced cycle times, depending on the sequence of operations to be performed.
  • The machine is fast, performs about 50 quality and dimensional checks with a cycle time standard of about 3 sec. /piece, including the gripping, the analysis and the storage.
  • The system is extremely flexible and provides the use of quality control instruments, leak test, marking, mechanical measurements, etc..
  • It is simple to program both the vision and the robot.
  • Structure designed to install multiple conveyors and chutes.
  • Structure with wheels for easy transport in various production departments of the company.
  • Time taken to execute the entire project: about 4 months.

Robotized cell

Robotized cell