Surface analisys and measure.

  • Machine vision to analyze any type of defects on surfaces and generally on any object.
  • Automatic or manual prototypes to measure any physical quantity with the best products on the market.
  • Research and development for the optimization of the technology of measurement for a particular product. 
  • Realized research: Dimensional control of strips of copper and aluminum out of the die.

Automated quality check.

  • Through the use of advanced technologies, such as machine vision and neural networks, is possible to create systems that automate the process of quality check of products. 
  • Realized application: Robotized cell for quality check.

Automatic plants.

  • These systems increase the international competitiveness of the company trough the automation of those processes that until yesterday were considered exclusively manual. 
  • Realized research: Robotized cell for quality check.

Flexible factory.

  • Optimization of production costs and increase of the product quality, especially in  case of products with many variants.
  • Plants for produce or control also the small size lots with maximum flexibility and reduced setup times.
  • Realized research: Robotized cell for quality check. 

Total quality.

  • Update the company quality system with the actual quality of the product in real time by monitoring the progress of the production.
  • Immediate feedback of production areas checking the final product. 

Flexible robotics.

  • A robot with a visual guidance allows to manipulate different categories of pieces taking them from a bulk container. 
  • Realized application: Robotized cell for quality check.

Artificial Vision.