About us

Arelab is a private non-profit research organization whose principal purpose is to conduct basic research, industrial research or experimental development and to spread their results through the publication or technology transfer, as defined by Community Guidelines n.2006 / C 323/01, letter d) of paragraph 2.2. All the profits of Arelab  are reinvested in research and to spread their results. The Members of Arelab don't have preferential access to research capacity or to the product results.


Our mission is to provide the industry with an instrument for innovation and worldwide development with advanced technology solutions. Italy has for centuries been a fertile land of ideas that have been and are still the basis of current technology. The radio, atomic energy, the microprocessor, are just some examples of Italian genius. The "Made in Italy" is recognized and appreciated worldwide. We believe that a clear collaboration between companies and research centers can only generates good results.


Arelab through its network of consultants, researchers, specialists, universities and design and production companies, provides to industries the real possibility of evolving technology through a complete package ranging from funding of the research project until the construction of the prototype.

Map and location

ARELAB Soc. Coop.
via Fratelli Rosselli, 45 - 20010 CANEGRATE (MI) - Italy